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Amptec Research Igniter Circuit Testers


When it comes to finding and purchasing a igniter tester, you need a company you can trust to provide quality, reliable, long-lasting products that will be safe for anyone involved in testing as well as the components being tested. You’ll find exactly that when you choose Amptec Research, a company with a successful history of 20 years serving military bodies. We sell trusted products in the industry with high standards and certifications so that you know you’re getting instrumentation you can trust, no matter your application.


Applications and Importance of Using a Safe Squib Tester


It is crucial when testing squibs to use an igniter-safe ohmmeter. We ensure for these applications that each product we sell is intrinsically safe. Our products have multiple failsafes — so if any failsafes do fail personnel working in volatile environments do not need to worry about a spark. Our circuit design doesn’t allow any current over 8mA to pass to the attached component, so you can perform tests on your equipment circuits with absolute certainty of your safety.


Product and Model Specifics for Curious Customers

At Amptec Research, we’re interested in providing what you need if you want to view further information and specifications for each one of our individual products. We’re always available to answer any questions you may have about our squib circuit testers or any other equipment. In addition, you can download manuals and specification sheets for a squib firing circuit tester or any instruments you may purchase from us.


Why Choose Amptec Research to Provide Your Igniter Circuit Tester?


You’ll access a number of advantages when you choose to purchase from Amptec Research, including:

  • USA-Made Equipment: As additional testament to the reliability and longevity, you can expect from our instruments, we can guarantee that each and every product we sell is designed and manufactured entirely in the USA.


  • One-Year Warranty: We’re certain of the reliability and quality of our products, which is why we feel comfortable extending this kind of warranty to you. It includes recalibration, fixes from our quick, skilled repair department for any malfunctions of manufactured parts and free labor and return shipping on repairs.


  • Trusted Repair Department: We perform high quality repairs on all our products. Our team works quickly to make high-skilled repairs so you can back to performing essential tests. If you have a product that may need repaired or recalibrated contact our repair team


  • Assistance From Experts: One of our top priorities is to make sure you get the remote igniter tester or other instrument you need to get the job done safely and correctly, which is why we’ll help if you’re not sure exactly what you need. Contact us, and by the time you’re done speaking to one of our highly trained staff members, you’ll know which product is the perfect fit.


  • Custom Designs: On the occasion that our customers don’t find what they need in our current inventory, we provide custom solutions. We’ll work with you to create the exact product that will suit your needs.

If you’re ready to purchase leading igniter circuit testers or discuss options, contact us today.


What If You Already Have an Igniter Safe Ohmmeter Tester?


If you already own this equipment or other items in our collection, it doesn’t mean we can’t still provide products that will improve your operations. We offer a full inventory of accessories like cases, compatible lead sets, bags, chargers and much more. View our accessories here for a full listing.